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Ready to find your next journey? We've gathered a collection of breathtaking destinations and exciting experiences just for you. Picture yourself by the crystal-clear waters of the Maldives, exploring bustling streets of France, or venturing into the heart of an African safari - all handpicked for their unique allure. If any place or experience catches your interest, we're here to chat and help make it happen. Take a look around, and when you're ready, reach out to us. Let's turn your travel dreams into reality.Your Journey to Remember starts here!

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Owner, Jean-Rémi Galinon is an expert of all things France.

Born and raised in Paris, Jean-Remi knows all the places one should visit inside the capital and all around the beautiful country. Whether you want a chic experience in Paris or a luxury visit to Champagne, we've got you covered. Want to escape from the city and explore the countryside through the lavender fields in Provence, sip your way through Bordeaux, time travel through Versailles, relax on the beach in the French Riviera or ski in the French Alps? We've got a journey you will remember through my country, France.


Private 2CVParis Tour

2CVParisTour offers vintage 2CV tours of Paris! From the 1h Classic Tour to the 2hrs Legendary and the 4hrs Picnic Tour, we'll guide in Paris and make you discover all the monuments and little secrets of the city! Our 2CV cars have a convertible top and can take up to 3 people!
For more information contact Journey to Remember Travel.



Savor the sparkle of Champagne with a day exploring Reims and Epernay's famed cellars. Enjoy guided tours, uncover the history, and indulge in tastings of prestigious vintages. It's a day of bubbly discovery in the heart of France's champagne country!
For more information contact Journey to Remember Travel.

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Kenya is Africa's grand safari capital - where the African bush genre was born. 

Endless savannah plains and scorched deserts are interrupted by snow-capped mountains, cool highlands and equatorial forests. Of all Kenya's wonders, the Great Rift Valley is centre-stage, where the remarkable phenomenon of the wildebeest migration, the largest single movement of herd animals on the planet, unfolds annually.
7-Day Expeditions starting from US$2,500 per person

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The Maldives is a paradise on earth - for a dream tropical island vacation. 

The archipelago is made up of a sprinkling of wildly exquisite islands, boasting stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters and private villas in endless island coves. Adventure-lovers may explore the underwater world of the Maldives by diving or snorkeling, for a visual feast of colorful fish, coral reefs, sharks, turtles and manta rays.
7-Day Expeditions starting from US$2,000 per person

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South Africa

This vast country, "the Rainbow Nation", is undoubtedly a darling of the travel world - topping international tourism awards annually. 

At its foot sits Cape Town, the historic "Tavern of the Seas", where ships traded for centuries between the East and Europe, leaving culture, cuisine and heritage - now blended into one of the most multicultural nations on Earth, with 12 official languages and a kaleidoscope of vivid, intoxicating culture. Exhilarating coastlines, soaring mountains and untamed bushveld offer visitors "a world in one country", which President Nelson Mandela called home.
7-Day Expeditions starting from US$1,500 per person

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Imagine a 'safari' in the luxury sense - vast stretches of savannah, flat-topped acacia trees silhouetted against deep orange sunsets, thousands of animals streaming across the horizon - this trip is that image made real! 

Each park offers something unique in wildlife viewing, as well asintimate safari camps and lodges where you can relax each evening. This classic safari takes you through Tanzania's ultimate wildlife areas.
Tanzania is a great travel destination with a lot to do and see, sometimes you need to get away and explore the surrounding areas of your destination while you're in Tanzania. Experience a unique Moshi or Arusha tour with a friendly and experienced guide from our Partner. See the sights with a local private guide who has a great experience about Tanzanian cultural tours. Our partner offers various Cultural day tours includes; Kikuletwa Hot Springs tour, Materuni Waterfall & Coffee Tour, Kilimanjaro - Marangu Day hike, Lake Chala Day Tour, Arusha National Park day tour, Lake Duluti day tour, Marangu village day tour, Maasai village day tour, Rift Valley cultural day tour and Moshi town day tour.

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Explore the African Paradise!

Imagine Experiencing the 'beauty of Zanzibar Island' in the classic sense - There is no other place in Africa like Zanzibar, a beautiful tropical island close to the East coast of the African mainland, with white sandy beaches, Swahili-speaking locals, spice, and slave trade-defined history. You can visit it as a relaxing way to end a safari, as a place for your Honeymoon, or simply as a tropical holiday to this fantastic destination in the Indian Ocean.

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Short Stay Haven Navarre

Welcome to Short Stay Haven, Navarre Beach! This newly renovated twobedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouse is the perfect cozy home away from home when you need a little vitamin sea.
With public beach access right across the street, and dining/entertainment options all within walking distance, Navarre is the perfect place to get away for a relaxing beach vacation. Located between Pensacola and Destin, you've got plenty of entertainment choices in any direction.

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